The Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage encourages excellence in the study of Massage Therapy. With small class sizes, our emphasis is on individual achievements in a friendly, collegial atmosphere. Through practical experience and seminar-type instruction from accessible, dedicated instructors, graduates are fully prepared to enter the profession of massage therapy. Courses are adapted to present any new trends in massage therapy.

We have 2 campuses: an English campus in Fredericton and a French campus in Dieppe.

There are 2 options for course duration at the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage. We have a 2-year course running Monday to Friday of each week, with a summer break. We are also excited to offer our new accelerated program starting January 2nd, 2019 at our Fredericton campus. The accelerated program is 19 months in duration.

The Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage is located at 440 King Street in Fredericton, and at 1040 Champlain Street in Dieppe. We have a student clinic at both campuses, where our students practice their skills on public clients.

We look forward to seeing you at the Wellness Expo!