Elizabeth RoseDeep Trance Channel, classically trained Hypnotist, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, powerful Healer, and Channelled Yoga Instructor.  Previously, she worked in the institutional investment world for 25 years as a Chartered Investment Manager.  Elizabeth is an international speaker and is currently working on her second book, plus writing regular BLOG POSTS on diamondlantern.com.  Elizabeth works from therosecottage.ca, in Saint John, NB.

How the Channelling Started:  On February 11, 2001, while working as a Vice President of Institutions with one of the largest banks in Canada, Elizabeth began seeing spirits and visions of the future.  Ten years later, she wrote a biography and “how-to” book called, “Diamond Lantern: Waking-up to Who You Really Are.”  In Diamond Lantern, she describes when she first heard a booming male voice from the spirit world.  Although she didn’t realize it at the time, that was her first experience channelling.  Today, clients that complete Elizabeth’s “Full Immersion into Spirit” have become deep trance channels themselves plus other spiritual gifts have surfaced.

Diamond Lantern, Waking-up to Who You Really Are is Elizabeth’s story of self discovery. Learn how she found out about her mission in life and how you can too!  The first chapter of the book is absolutely free and you can grab your own copy at http://www.diamondlantern.com today!