If you’re looking for inspiration, healing and empowerment, Diana Ten Have, Naturotherapist & EFT Facilitator, might be the person you’re looking for!

She is specialized in helping and healing women of all ages.  She is a Naturotherapist  (ACNN), a Certified Applied Spiritual Counselor (CASC) (CTRT), an EFT Tapping Facilitator (AAMET), an Intuitive Energy Healer & Reflexologist, a Reiki Master and an Advanced Theta® Healer. She uses both essential oils and crystals during her energizing sessions.

Diana beliefs in a holistic approach. Therefore she has been training with a Keto & IF Coach to assist her clients even further. She is now a qualified Keto IF Health coach according to the Berg method.  Her profound Weight Loss & Confidence program is just one wonderful example of what Diana offers.  Using the powerful EFT tapping technique, guided mediation, customized Keto mealplans (Vegan mealplans also available) essential oils, a soul sister support group, coaching,  and much more.  Diana will be facilitating inspiring Women’s Gatherings, Classes and Playshops in the fall and in the upcoming year.  She offers in person sessions, group sessions, – on line and from her main office in the village of Salisbury.

She is located not far from The Big Stop, close to Highway 2, only 10 minutes away from Moncton North.  She also has a second office at Gallie Wellness, 92 Olivier St. in Dieppe. Her services are covered by most extended health care providers.