Welcome to Divine Guidance

Embracing & Enhancing the Soul/ Spiritual, Consciousness, Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Patricia is a Born Seer, an Open Trans-channel,

Honorary Reiki Master Instructor, Public Spiritual Speaker, and an Earth Healer.  She is a mediator between the Arch Angels- Guardian Angels, Spiritual teachers & Holy Groups of whomever she is sharing with.

She is also an internationally known Spiritual Facilitator presenting Customized Courses and Workshops on many aspects of Spirituality mixed with Self & Soul Development.

Using her Divine gifts in conjunction with being a certified Life Skills Coach she has a unique way of delivering Spiritual Messages from a Soul level in a Caring, Sharing and Honest way.



Website: http://divineguidance.earth Email: connect@divineguidance.earth


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We are so excited to be a part ofThe Moncton World Wellness Expo

 Saturday Oct 20th & Sunday Oct 21st 2018 At The Moncton Coliseum


We will be offering the following services for this event:

Soul Readings /Sessions & Table Talk with Trish