Otorongo Rocks & Crystals is a wholesale crystal company serving metaphysical stores in Canada and the US since 2012. We carry a wide selection of quality high-vibration rocks and crystals from all over the World. Otorongo also offers Crystal Corner, a unique retail opportunity for practitioners, therapists, yoga studios/instructors, boutiques, wellness centers, clinics, natural food markets, spas, etc. Crystal Corner is a stunning selection of crystals that sell themselves. The crystals are typically displayed in a tall glass cabinet, strategically placed in your business. This turn-key retail opportunity comes with a supportive package to make it easy. All you have to do is maintain the display, manage inventory, and provide superb customer service. Our earthly selection of crystals transmit frequencies to help open and attune the body’s energy channels to accept messages from Gaia and Source Intelligence. We believe these frequencies can raise our vibration to achieve synergy with our higher selves and connect to the flow of the Universe. “Our human consciousness is awakening to the metaphysical vibrations of our spiritual being, bringing clarity to our collective purpose as ONE consciousness. Crystals Breathe in Freedom Consciousness.”- Ari Nelson, Otorongo Founder