We’re obsessed with fragrance and how it makes life better. Share the Scentsy love with inspiring fragrances for your family, your home, your life.

We carry a wide variety of home and personal fragrance products that can be seen at https://scentsy.com/catalog.
• Stylish Warmers + scented wax
• Essential oil diffusers + all-natural oils
• Scented cleaning + laundry products
• Bath + skincare products for the whole family

I came from knowing next to nothing about the Scentsy brand, to selling it! I’m Kelsey Cosman, from a small town in New Brunswick. I was looking to sell something fun and different, and I stumbled upon scentsy. Selling scentsy to me is very exciting. There is always something to learn, something new to smell and see and there’s always someone who wants to learn more about it. That’s why I’m here! If you are interested in learning more, if youre looking for a consultant, or even looking to join the scentsy team