Hi, I’m Tracy Gaudet, the Soul Alchemist.

I empower women to awaken and embody who they are on a Soul level, to step into their Divine purpose flow and co-create an expansive life. With a combination of energy healing, intuitive guidance, mindset and teaching personal mastery I mentor and facilitate this alchemy transformation by expanding perception and awareness of who you really are, your gifts, journey and power.

Connect with me on my website tracygaudet.com or join my public Facebook page or private group.

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My services and teaching are for women who feel in every cell of their body they want more.

More of who they are on a Soul level.

More connection to the Divine and clarity of purpose.

More of their truth and less of conditioning and programming.

More joy, peace, creativity and flow.


When you are in agreement with the Divine, you flow in your Soul Purpose. You spiral and expand into more of your power, more of who you really are and make moves in your life that support your expanded potential and path. You come to a place of happiness alchemy where all things are possible and magic surrounds every fiber of your being.