My purpose is to empower people with the necessary tools and knowledge they need for SUCCESS.

What do you want to achieve?

-Imagine making the changes which would allow YOU to be in control of your life?  How about waking up in the morning with clear goals, equipped with what you need to make them happen!

-You need to ask yourself this one very important question:  ‘Am I settling in my overall potential of who I could BE, what I could DO or what I could HAVE?”

Here are ways you can have major positive shifts in your life:

In my SUCCESS coaching office, clients bring me goals they want to achieve and problems they want to get rid of.  The transformations are powerful and my results are guaranteed. (*my extensive trainings and certifications allow me to offer insurance coverage from most insurance companies under naturopathy).

In my SUCCESS group workshops, I share specific techniques I use every day, and teach people how I do what I do, so they can be their own personal coach.

In my SUCCESS group trainings, I educate people with many life changing techniques so they can have the knowledge and crucial mindset needed to transform their lives and that of others when they chose to obtain a certification and become a SUCCESS coach to help others.

Some of my trainings were developed for employees in the workplace.  Let me know what your needs are so I can accommodate your needs (more info on my web site)

If you answer YES to one or more of the following questions and want to drop by, it will be my pleasure to speak with you at booth and after my presentations Saturday and Sunday.

I feel like I should change some of my strategies to reach my goals,

I want to hear ‘HOW to get there’, HOW to get from here to my goal

I want to look in the mirror and like who I see

I really want to learn to think HOW successful people think

I would benefit from having concrete tools and empower myself to reach my goals

I now want to be free of things preventing me from being the very best version of myself

I have health challenges like chronic pain, weight management, and anxiety…

I choose to stop settling because I am worth it

*service bilingue