Card Divination Readings

Theresa Thomas, Western-initiated Elder in the Dagara traditions, provides readings with messages from the little people from the Other Side, the Kontomblé, who explore how your life is in balance with the ancestors and the elements and what needs to be done to bring things into alignment. These readings are helpful to those who want to know what to do right now in their lives.

Theresa offers readings utilizing the Ancestors Speak divinations cards. Arranged according to the Dagara Medicine Wheel, the spread tells how your life is in balance with the elements and the ancestors at this time. Theresa provides guidance to assist in connecting with your ancestors and bringing your life into alignment.

As a Spiritual Connection practitioner, initiated elder, diviner, teacher, ritual leader and healer, Theresa is dedicated to bringing healing and transformation to people’s lives. Theresa studies and practices the indigenous Dagara teachings and is fortunate to have traveled to Africa in 2010, 2012 & 2015. She offers an Ocean Honouring Ceremony annually on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as leading group healing rituals and the beautiful 5-day Ancestralization ceremony, honouring those who have crossed over.

In addition to her extensive studies in the West, Theresa also received divinations and training in the traditional ways during her trips to Burkina Faso, which further inspired her to bring this indigenous work to contemporary Western culture.


SESSIONS – 50 MINS for $100 pre-paid
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Theresa offers introductory classes about the Dagara medicine and gives cloth ‘divination’ readings, using the Dagara Medicine Wheel, which show one’s current relationship to the ancestors and the elements of fire, water, earth, mineral and nature. Prescriptions are given to provide an opportunity for release and to create balance and harmony in one’s life.

Theresa completed the Dagara Apprenticeship Program, one of a myriad of programs studied with Elder Malidoma Somé. While in Africa, she received prescriptions from many diviners and was merged with the energies of the Kontomblé.  Theresa also completed the Basic Training in Core Shamanism (Shamanic Foundation Studies) and is a Certified ‘Power of Clearing’ Coach through Sandy Levey-Lunden, Bellingham, WA and a Reiki practitioner.