Clear Past Trauma with Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Stuck in the past? Looking for something that actually clears the cause of repeating life patterns such as relationship issues, addictions, anxiety, depression, trauma, compulsive tendencies, abuse and many more?

Learn how your spirit is the key to unlock and clear the past and finally create balance in life. Find out how spirit differs from soul, how we can get stuck in time from past trauma either from a past life or the life of one of our ancestors and how these repeating cycles of time are cleared.  You will get introduced to an ancient Australian aboriginal way of healing that knows how to use the Universal Laws or Lore to access the invisible world of the spirit.  Holographic Kinetics is the science of Dreamtime Healing and the result of 50 years of researching by its’ founder Steve Richards

Kathryn deNiverville

Always an explorer, Kathryn is very active in her research in alternate healing modalities. Over the years, she studied and practiced many modalities such as Reiki, Turaya Touch, NLP, Body Talk, Access Consciousness, Matrix Energetics , Emotion Code, Tapping and Qigong. None of these made lasting changes for her. She knew that there had to be a modality that went deeper to clear issues and past trauma. In 2012 she came across the life-changing Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics and has been a dedicated student ever since. Kathryn, now a Holographic Kinetics practitioner assists many clients to heal their past for a better present and future. She is also involved in research with children using Holographic Kinetics .

Kathryn has passionately worked in education for 39 years. She has taught primary, middle school, high school, regular and special education as well as providing resource teaching and consulting. She also worked with students with severe communication issues and did job training for young adults in Vancouver.