Never in a million years did I expect to be starting my own business at the age of 40.  I had never done anything in direct sales before and didn’t need another thing to keep me busy.  BUT when I learned about the business and that it was an opportunity to partner with two of the best known dermatologists in the world…I knew I had to take a closer look.  SO Dr Rodan and Dr Fields are the doctors that created Proactiv…I’m sure you have heard of that, maybe even used it at some point…well, as they were cleaning up the faces of those acne prone teens, they kept getting asked to do something in the anti aging market.  It’s a 3.9 BILLION DOLLAR industry and they were the right people to tackle it based on how they dominate the ACNE MARKET.  So, originally they developed four lines one for sensitivity, one for adult acne, one for sun damage and one for anti aging and took these products into high end department stores and very quickly became the number one clinical brand in stores like Nordstroms.  They didn’t do any advertising, they still don’t pay for any advertising.  They wanted to figure out HOW they were seeing so much success, so they started asking how people heard about them or what brought them into the stores for their products?  What they learned was, it was word of mouth…product users telling others about the products.  So in an unprecedented move, they decided to pull out of high end department stores and go into direct selling.  Well, just as eyebrows were raised when they started selling Proactiv through infomercials and it changed the entire face of that marketing strategy, the same thing is happening in direct selling.  They are changing the way people perceive the direct selling industry.  They really did their homework, got Harvard business to help them build their plans.  They have received more awards than the top ten direct sales companies combined and we are just getting started.  Not to mention, since pulling out of the department stores, they have seen triple digit growth year after year…so it has proven to be a really smart move for them and for me!