Live to 100 Years and Beyond

Life at 100…  Does that sound wonderful or worrisome? It is possible to live well to age 100 and it doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Join us for a lively discussion on how you can get on track now for a better life ahead – and learn the 2 common traits of people who live well to their 100th birthday and beyond. Don’t wait another day. This session is for people who want more out of life – today, tomorrow and always!

Cherie MacLeod

Cherie wants to live in a world where people are born knowing their own super-power and aren’t afraid to use it! In the meantime, she loves helping people reach new heights in their health and financial goals and shares in their joy when they achieve success.

As a business professional, Cherie has succeeded in a number of leadership roles from team building, marketing and strategic planning to executive management of a national charity. She acquired many of her skills growing up in a family business and has built her career on a genuine compassion for people and effective communication.

Nutrition and supplementation have been her personal passions for many years and coming to Max, Cherie quickly understood the life-changing power of RiboCeine. “I have family members who genuinely struggle with their health. When I realized how the products worked, I simply put the bottle in their hands and said, this is the one we’ve been looking for… and the results have been amazing! I knew immediately that I had to be involved with Max International.”

Cherie has been happily married to Jeff for 18 years and they are parents to two great kids, David and Stephanie. Cherie is a constant learner, seasoned meditator and lover of belly-aching laughter, all of which she strives to do on a daily basis.