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Inspiration – “IS” Alive – breathe life into everything YOU touch Say and Do! Yes!!! Art was and still remains a huge part of Transforming my Whole Life – Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually!

“Life is a Great Big Canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.” — Danny Kaye

My journey started 15yrs ago!

Returning to my art was a refuge, a way to work through my depression and anxiety. Using pen and paper for over five yrs whenever I was feeling over whelmed with a negative emotion such as anger, regret, fear, loneliness etc..
I would sit with the emotion an sketch it out! Over and Over again until the energy didn’t feel stuck .. But the key 🔑to this working is not trying to make it anything such as, ie a tree or a flower .. just go with the flow of the emotions until it passes…I was creating for Me :)) and Only me at that time
I was learning to love Me ❤️ and understand Energy and how it moves through the body This is when the right people, teachers and experiences started showing up in my life!

Then the next piece of my life puzzle showed up.. just in time! We are all Great Creators! In those early years I was learning the power of my thoughts and emotions! Referencing my thoughts patterns and deeply seeded belief systems!

During those early years I attended many workshops and classes. I became a Reiki Master Teacher, received training in Theta, S.A.S. and MetaU Course, Science of Metaphysics with Toni Petrinovich and I am a self taught intuitive Soul portrait artist.

All the earlier learning was important and I fallowed my heart and inner guidance .. because I surely didn’t know I’d be doing this line of work ..really play – was my life purpose! ;))) and I am glad we are only shown one step and a time.. bc I’d be still under my bed saying “Oh No pick someone else to do that!” ❤️🦋

Surround yourself with people you Trust and most of all Trust YOUr Amazing SPIRIT YOU showed up here with a purpose .. that Is the yearning you feel in your heart!

Now Is the time to re-remember!

I am happy to help anyone who would like to learn intuitive art 🎨 :))) ❤️🦋🌈

Pamela Cail

“The certificates that I have acquired over the past 15yrs are mostly Metaphysical. I am certified in many modalities/therapies – however I do not have a degree in Art therapy. I’ve taken many on-line art therapy programs over the past six years. My favorite was Barbara Ganim’s art therapy book – self study Art & Healing – using expressive art to heal – body, mind & spirit.

I’ve also been studying with Toni Petrinovich for over 7yrs.
She is located on Lopez Island, WA 98261 and I had the pleasure of attending one of her summit in Utah 2011.
It was Amazing! The people and information was very interesting. These Meta yoU School of Mastery courses are designed to take you into the depth of your potential.
Toni Petrinovich

I’ve had the awesome opportunities of working with many teachers and students in the Moncton, NB are including Harrison Trimble High school, Sunny Brae Middle school, and Bernice MacNaughton High School. At HTHS the students collaborated together to create several beautifully vibrant piece of healing art for their school which can be viewed above. Funding for this school project was provided by – The Canadian Mental Health Association.

I’ve taken all of this information, that I have been absorbed in – over the past 15yrs which also including my own self healing through art – to developed these painting from the HeArt therapy programs. I am sharing from my heart space, helping others awaken to the truth of who they truly are. Rainbow Energy Alive HeArt and transformation play-shops, the focus is on healing with art, and in particular, facilitating groups of people interested in expanding into their heart space.
One is guaranteed a deeply enriching experience One Heart.” ~ Pamela Ca