Freedom within

Join Terry Landry, a Shamanic sound healer from Ascension Healing to discover how you can find peace and empowerment within. Using ancient techniques, modalities and knowledge explained in a modern way, you will see how powerful of an influence sound-healing, meditation and energy healing can be and discover the benefits of these practices. 

Following the talk will be a live sound healing experience with Tibetan bowls, Gongs and other instruments.

Terry Lee Landry

Terry has an extraordinary ability to work with sound. In addition to having a perfect pitch he also uses the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience to connect with you during the treatment. This allows him to see where you are out of balance and know how the sound can correct it.

He is grateful to facilitate healing sessions/workshops and shares his passion with sincerity and humbleness. Witnessing the change in someone is a blessing. Being a conduit for that change to reach them is a gift.

He is a certified Advanced DNA Theta healing® and Sound healing practitioner, Reiki Master and Chios Master. Along his journey, he has studied and continues to practice Shamanic techniques and High Egyptian alchemy. He will blend the modalities when appropriate.

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