Sasha’s Skin Care with Nerium

Nerium International offers exclusive age-defying skincare and wellness products with patented ingredients to help people look and feel their best. We power our products with breakthrough discoveries that harness the best from science and nature. While we incorporate many tried-and-true ingredients into our formulas, we don’t stop there. We use exclusive ingredients created, developed and tested by the world’s top universities and scientific labs to deliver products that go beyond addressing the signs of aging to also target the underlying causes.

Our Age IQ Night and Day Cream combo is an easy-to-use system that addresses all the major signs of aging. It delivers round-the-clock, smart skincare that works for women and men of every ethnicity, age and skin type. We use exclusive ingredients with proven antioxidants, peptides, plant extracts and vitamins to craft products that target multiple signs of aging. Together these products tackle every major sign of aging, while at the same time detoxing your skin while you sleep, adding vitamins and moisture to your skin, and fighting off the effects of pollution.

During this presentation, Nerium Senior Brand Partner, Sasha Cormier-Meyer will be reviewing all of the Nerium product line as well as showing real world results.


Sasha Cormier-Meyer

Senior brand partner with Nerium International, Sasha Cormier-Meyer is originally from Dorchester NB, now residing in Moncton. Sasha joined Nerium just 4 months ago and is climbing the ranks, achieving her goals with the help of the fantastic team she is part of. She is a Family Physician and became interested in Nerium after reading some of the scientific research surrounding the products coming from the research company that has partnered with Nerium, Signum Bioscience. She is proud to be representing a skin care brand that is plant based and natural, while also being scientifically proven to be effective.

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