Do you have a negative relationship with money and bills?

Do you feel overwhelmed with debt or your financial responsibilities?

Do you feel like you spend frivolously and can never save up enough?

If you said Yes to any of the above this session is for you!

We will clear the most common money blocks using an energy healing modality called ThetaHealing. You will clear the subconscious blocks, negative energy and emotion that you have around:

  • Money and bills
  • Debt and your Financial Responsibility
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Spending and saving habits

You will feel lighter, having cleared the weight, pressure and responsibility that you have put on yourself or others have put on you. You’ll have a clean slate so that you can move forward!

You’ll gain action steps to receive more abundance in all areas of your life!

You’ll be in a higher vibration to attract what you desire!

Please bring paper and a pen with you for optimum benefits.

BONUS: Those who attend get a special chance to WIN!